Meeting Deadlines…Exceeding Expectations

Serving clients in far reaching fields: advertising agencies, film-makers, audio book publishers, podcast producers, voice actors and more.  Whether it’s VO demo production, audiobook recording/mastering/QC, group recording, commercial sound design, ADR or more, we’ll bring the same personal attention and professional treatment to your project.  Record in comfort and convenience from our Manhattan studio, located in one of the city’s trendiest neighborhoods. We care deeply about our clients’ success and will personally see your project through from initial concept to final delivery: Creative consistency from start to finish and quality you can trust.  Read on to learn more…


Elevate Your Brand

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From immersive sound design, to delivering that perfect voice over, Soho Recording is a great solution for all your commercial and promotional audio needs (Broadcast, Web, Mobile etc.).  We’ve worked with celebrity vocal talent, brands like Pepsi, networks like TLC, and content creators like IdeaRocket, but our small size and adaptable workspace make us a great affordable option for smaller agencies and rising talent as well. 

Trust Soho Recording and its vast wealth of high-end microphones to capture every subtle nuance and detail of the spoken voice and convey your message with precision and professionalism.  We offer flexible scheduling, so Contact Us and have your project delivered within your timeline and your budget.

  • Pre-Production Support – Copy writing, editing, feedback, script consulting
  • Talent Casting
  • Direction/Direction Support
  • Voice Over (VO) Demo Reels (Commercial/Promo/Character etc.)
  • Sound Design
  • Editing/Mixing
  • Music Supervision/Licensing
  • Custom Music Composition
  • Large Booth for multiple actors, group sessions


From Feature Films to Video Games and VR, Soho Recording is equipped and ready to pair high end audio with whatever interactive and visual project you have in mind.

  • Music Supervision/Licensing
  • Custom Music Composition
  • Foley
  • ADR/Animation VO
  • Group Recording (Multiple Actors)
  • Sound Design
  • Sound Sweetening
  • Noise Reduction
  • Location Audio
  • VO Direction


Don’t Let Bad Sound Undermine your great work

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Low quality audio can be distracting and take away from an otherwise brilliant message or inspired performance.  It’s noticeable (and distracting!) when a book is recorded with a cheap mic in an untreated room, unnaturally edited, or awkwardly read.  Working with professionals on your audiobook project can end up saving time and even money, while sounding a lot better and conveying your writing far more effectively to your listeners!  Trust us with anything from finding the right voice, to recording and editing meticulously, mastering, music supervision/licensing, and final QC and delivery. We work with audiobook producers, book publishers, and independent authors alike to create work that’s best in class at a fair and flexible price tag.

  • Full Production (Casting/Direction through QC/delivery)
  • Casting
  • Direction
  • Whisper Quiet Vocal Booth for Recording
  • Comfortable Studio and amenities for long sessions
  • Affordable Self Recording (w/o engineer) options for tighter budgets
  • Editing (de-breathing, removing page turns, sibilance, mouth sounds, and other misc noise, tightening transitions, removing mistakes, stutters and false starts, and improving pacing)
  • Music Supervision/Licensing/Sound Design
  • Original Music Composition
  • Mastering to delivery specifications
  • Quality Control (QC)


Be Heard Above the Noise


At their best, podcasts can be infinitely immersive and intriguing creative sonic explorations that plunge the listener headlong into a new and thrilling soundscape.  At their worst, they sound like some guy bantering into a cheap microphone in his bedroom. There is virtually no barrier to unleashing your homespun podcast to the world at large, but it is the well-crafted, well-recorded, and well-edited/mixed one that garners the deserved attention and devoted listeners. 

We specialize in bringing your podcast to the next level.  Our engineers have experience recording full cast fictional podcasts such as Wolf 359, interview-based informational podcasts (conducted in studio or remotely via Riverside/Skype etc.), editing and developing shows for studios like WNYC and Vox, and will be glad to discuss your next project idea.  We’ll even help our clients to develop a podcast from the ground up. There are options for all budgets, including self recording options if you need the most affordable access to a quiet and professional space. Contact us and make sure your next podcast is one of the good ones.

  • Flexible Pricing to fit any budget
  • Subcription Options for ongoing shows
  • Full Development/Consultation 
  • Noise reduction
  • Mixing
  • Editing
  • Group Recording
  • Producer Attended Sessions or Remote 
  • Distribution Consultation
  • Music Supervision/Licensing
  • Sound Design
  • Custom Music Composition
  • Foley/Sound Effects
  • Interviews
  • Voice Over/Narration
  • Casting


Voice Talent in London? Producer in LA? No problem!

Soho Recording has you covered with a variety of remote recording options for your next broadcast, podcast, ADR, or VO session.  For the most seamless experience and professional sounding results, we recommend Source-Connect to interface with the remote studio (with ISDN bridge when necessary).  When Source-Connect isn’t a viable option, we can conduct mobile sessions via Skype, FaceTime, Zoom or any similar app with acceptable results. Phone patch is typically an inferior sounding option and ISDN support is quickly disappearing in favor of newer, easier, and better sounding sounding solutions. We’ll do whatever it takes to get a great sounding performance or interview across a great distance!

We also offer other Mobile Recording solutions with our travel rig, from field recordings to offsite interviews and tape sync, so contact us about any recording project outside our Soho Recording studio walls.


DIY…but better sounding


For projects with a simple setup, a high hour count (like an interview based podcast or audiobook) and/or a tight budget, we can occasionally offer Self-Record options.  We will set up the session for you, optimize the settings and the sound quality, so all you have to do is hit record. If any issues come up, we’ll be standing by. Otherwise, it’s all you!  We offer both per session/hourly pricing or subscriptions for ongoing projects, so send us an e-mail with you a description of what you want and we can see if self-recording might be the best option for you.  Get access to Soho Recording’s excellent sound at a reduced price!


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Soho Recording is a cozy and quiet oasis in the middle of one of the busiest Manhattan neighborhoods.  The studio is accessible by multiple major subway lines and just a few minutes ride from Brooklyn or midtown.  We know that comfort brings out the best performances, and we want our clients to feel at home when they work here. 

In the control room, you can dial in your personal monitor mix, and offer direct feedback to the talent and engineer or you can kick back in our “living room” recliners, binge on coffee, herbal teas and our favorite snacks from Trader Joe’s or order lunch from one of the multitudes of excellent restaurants nearby.  All the while, know that we’re hard at work, making your next project sound the best it possibly can.

Our acoustically tuned control room is equipped with Bryston amps, Quested monitors, Dangerous routing, state-of-the-art Apogee D/A conversion, and Hearback PRO personal monitor mixers, so you can trust that what you hear is crisp, clear and fully accurate.  

Our whisper quiet and spacious recording booth has enough room for a full cast of actors.  We have an arsenal of high end microphones from Neumann, AKG, Peluso, BLUE, Earthworks, Shure, Sennheiser and more, appropriate for any voice and context.  The room can be equipped with video monitors for ADR/animation and there are sight lines to the control room via the triple paned glass window. For sessions that require music recording, a livelier room sound or a larger floor plan, just part the acoustic curtain, and the modular vocal booth opens up into a live room.  See the full gear list and check out photos of the space.